What Kind of Repair Services Do You Need?

Hire a fence repair expert in Trussville, AL

You may need fence repair services in Trussville, Alabama if there’s a hole in your fence or your gate is jammed. Luckily, All-A-Round Fence & Deck Co. offers speedy and affordable fence repair services. Whether your dogs keep sneaking out of a gap in your fence or some wooden planks are broken, we can fix the problem without delay.

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3 signs you need deck repair services

3 signs you need deck repair services

How can you tell you need to call on a professional for deck repair services? Here are three things to look for:

  1. Warped or sagging wood planks.
  2. Damp, rotten or moss-covered deck spots.
  3. Creaking and shifting when you walk on the deck.

We restore old decks and replace stairs on an as-needed basis. Don’t put your safety at risk. If you think your deck is structurally unsound, call All-A-Round Fence & Deck at 205-335-3362 today to make an appointment for expert deck repair in the Trussville, AL area.